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Here at RUNFACE we like to think we're a bit different. We like to compete but don't take ourselves too seriously. We'll be the last ones out at the party but we will still try and be the first ones back at the local 5k the next day!


We want to create the sort of running events that reflects us and really brings the fun back into running. If someone runs in one of our events and it makes them smile then that makes us smile too.


Our first event: Beat the Boat, was a huge success in its first 6 years! Check out our events


So just go out there and have fun and show the world your best RUNFACE.....


We plan on being one of the most accessible brands out there, and that includes being as active as we can on social media. We'd love to see posts and pictures of you wearing runface kit and will even feature some of the best on our news blogs and social media channels. So keep posting and keep tagging us!

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