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That time we put a 'Popup Shop' in a Pub

As an idea, its probably up there with the invention of the wheel and nutella. After the first TVXC fixture of the year, in Eton/Windsor in Berkshire, we decided to host a Runface popup shop at the Prince George Inn just next to the XC venue itself. This allowed us to combine everything we love in one, very long, day. After setting up the shop very early Sunday morning we were able to get a reminder of why we love/hate cross country with a muddy 6 mile jaunt around Eton for our club, which is probably one of the most picturesque race starts you're ever likely to see.

Once we were done with putting on our club colours and running around a muddy field, it was over the George Inn to open up the popup shop. We had a mix of club mates and people from other clubs heading home after the race. We got to meet plenty of people, enjoy a few beers and to put our current offering of products on display in a way we wouldn't have expected being an online retailer. It was a long day, but certainly lots of fun and something we are going to try and do again. We'll keep everyone posted on social media, so we do urge you to stay in touch with use over facebook, instagram and twitter. If you have any ideas about whether we could do this at your race or your club, let us know.

So its by for now as we get back to designing our next wave of products. In regards to this, it would be interesting to hear what people want to see from us. Currently we are aware we need to have some more focus on winter products, but we are always keen to hear what it is people want.

- Rob & Wayne

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