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The Beat the Boat Team Prize

Can you assemble a team like this?! At Beat the Boat on June 25th, we can now announce the details of the Team competition held during the main race: There will only be ONE winning team, and they will be the first Team/Club (as indicated on your entries and by their matching kit) to get both 2 WOMEN AND 2 MEN over the line. It wont be based on position or aggregate time, but simply the first team to get the 4 required members over the finish line of the 10km*. Do you have the required 4 people entered in the race? If not, you only have 2 more weeks to get them entered! Get them over to to enter! (*To be eligible, the 2 men and 2 women must have entered with the same team/club name AND be wearing matching team/club kit during the entire race.)

Why have we done this instead of the normal mens and womens separate prizes? We've found that in the past these prizes can either be hardly contended or they favour the faster runners. We think this way is more inclusive and should prove for a more tactical and exciting outcome.

We are down to the last 50 places, so if you're team needs an extra runner or two from your team/club, you need to get them into the race asap!

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