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Training Plans for a sub 20 and sub 22 5k

The team have runface still regularly coach either at our club or on a closer level. Recently one of us, who admittedly grew up as a non-runner and came into it quite late, decided to take several years worth of experiences in going from overweight and struggling to complete 5k, right up to the point where they can run a 17xx 5k on a good day and 18xx on a bad day, into training others hoping to break the 20 and 22 min 5k barriers respectively. Putting years of training sessions, tips and tricks into a short summer plan, two of the subjects were able to smash their targets and take minutes off of their parkrun PB's. In the end it wasnt rocket science, or hours and hours of extra training, it was merely some guidance and focus on how to use the time available, and how to prepare before 5k race efforts.

Because everyone involved found this useful, we've decided to share the training plan as an excel attachment (With personal details removed). On it you'll find the training plans used by both runners (20 and 22 minute targets respectively), and tabs on sessions and pacing guides for the sessions. We hope there are some out there who can make use of the plans knowing that it allowed two people to achieve their targets.

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